10 April 2010


Oops! I had a few posts queued up in December but never published them. Even though it's April, here they come...appearing in the order they were originally intended...

30 December 2009

Please Touch Museum

We joined the Roth's on a trip to the Please Touch museum on December 30th. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea but we had fun despite the crowds. Andrew will probably have more fun next time when he can walk and not get trampled by the herds of hyper children though! Most of the pictures he looks stunned and overwhelmed be I swear he had a good time! He even had his first Carousel ride at the museum! Fun times!

Longwood Gardens Christmas Lights

We joined the Roth's on a trip down to Longwood Gardens to see the Christmas lights and displays. Turned out to be more for adults than kids and the night we chose had to be one of the coldest nights of 2009 but we had fun anyway, especially at the dinner at Friendly's afterwards! :)

Merry Christmas 2009!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Andrew was able to open his presents and really enjoy them. He must have been a very good boy, Santa was very good to him!

Christmas eve we opened presents at Mom-mom and Poppy's house. Then we were joined by Gramma Peck and had dinner at Harpoon Louie's. Andrew was such a good boy despite the long wait and long day.

Christmas morning started around 8 AM. Andrew opened his stocking then his presents and had a blast doing it! Duane opened his presents next and seemed a little stunned to find out his surprise gift was a MacBook! I opened my Keurig (LOVE that thing!), some other nice things and then found out why Duane was stunned...he had gotten me a MacBook as a surprise too! Great minds think alike! Sadly, we ended up returning one of them :) Later in the afternoon, G-mom and G-pop came over bearing more fun presents for Andrew, then Mom-mom, Poppy, and Nan joined us for a nice dinner. It really was a wonderful day!

Peck Family Christmas card 2009

Card designed by Mary of Paper+Ink Studio, photos by Amy Ro Photography, both super talented friends of mine from an online community:

Andrew's first haircut!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we took Andrew to Snip-it's in Exton for his first haircut. That day he was not keen on taking a nap but we headed out anyway to what would turn out to be a scream-fest. We put him in the chair, he got his smock on, started to look a little nervous and when the lady came at him with scissors, he completely freaked. He reacted similarly to when we go to the doctor and he has to have his ears looked at; it was not pretty. Fearing that the stylist would take an unwanted huge chunk out or worse, cut an ear or other extremity, we thought that if I held him he'd do better. We were wrong. I ended up bear hugging him while he struggled, flailed, grunted and screamed the whole time. Everyone in the place stared. I made Duane take photos but really video would have been the better media for documenting the moment. :) Despite such conditions, she didn't do too bad of a job and as soon as we were done and out of the torture chair area, the little drama king Andrew was all smiles again.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

Thanksgiving 2009 was spent at our house. Sickness hit the Peck family after the birthday party and Mommy and Daddy both had Strep throat, Andrew had an ear infection and Mom-mom had some other infection. We thought this was a perfect situation to order Wegman's catered Thanksgiving meal and were pleased to report that it was pretty tasty! WAY more food than we needed or wanted but also a lot less work and probably even cost less compared to if we cooked it all from scratch. Andrew ended up napping during dinner, just like last year when he was just one week old! :)

The Cozy Coupe wearing the Pilgrim hat since Andrew wouldn't:

And for fun, here he was one year before:

Happy First Birthday Andrew!

When November 19th, 2009 rolled around, I seriously couldn't believe that it had been a year since meeting our favorite guy. Such an amazing year it's been, we love Andrew even more every day that goes by, sometimes I think my heart is going to explode!

For his special day, Duane and I took the day off of work and we spent it together. Andrew opened his presents in the morning, enjoyed a birthday cupcake then we took a trip down to the Adventure Aquarium. It was a fun day! Here are some pics of the day:

Then on the Saturday after his actual birthday, we had his big party! We were joined by many of our family and friends for a fun party at Mom-mom and Poppy's house!

03 December 2009

Hoping to catch up soon!!!

Ugh, I know I have fallen behind on updating the blog. I have a lot to share including Andrew's first birthday, his party, Thanksgiving, first hair cut and other random photos I've taken of him. The past 6 weeks I've been spending my nights in a Photoshop course that has taught me tons so when I finally do get some photos ready for posting, hopefully you'll see some improvement in them all!

By the way, is anyone out there reading this (besides you mom and dad)???

22 November 2009

My baby and I project - Week 44 and 45

Flipping the boy around always provides squeals and giggles:

We've been doing a lot of finger holding walking around our house lately! He gets such a kick out of himself...